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Additional folders in My Documents

Feb 22, 2015 at 12:37 PM
Firstly the software is excellent and does exactly what I need.

I have one question, my photos are on a separate hard drive, drive K:

Any folders that I sync with Flickr seem to get copied including all the photos in the folder to My Documents directory/photosync. Which means I now have two locations for any photos synced with Flickr.

I tried deleting one directory in MY documents and when I start Flickrsync it says that the original folder on the K drive is configured to sync with a Set that does not exist, obviously because this is the directory I deleted.

But I cannot find in any of the settings any where to change the setting where these sync directories are held. If you have to have these directories then I would want to put them on the K: drive, as they seem to be full copies of the original folders.

Any help greatly appreciated.