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FlickrSync v0.8.1 reboots XP Media Centre under certain conditions

Jan 22, 2009 at 11:01 AM
Been a big fan and long time user of FlickrSync and now have over 15,000 photos in 197 sets uploaded onto Flickr mostly via using FlickrSync.

Recently however I've encountered two problems which may or may not be related the most serious of which seems to be causing my whole OS to crash out and reboot consistently when I try to upload any new photos recently.

The first slightly odd behaviour I noticed from FlickrSync is that after an initial crash the tool seemed to be forgetting it had already created a set on Flickr and instead of uploading the final pictures into that existing set (even if it had to 'update' existing ones) it was instead managing to create duplicate sets on flickr that appeared to have the same names...

When investigating this I checked out the 'Properties' of the problem sets and the Set reference was wrong and pointing to an earlier uploaded Flickr set, so I clicked to change it and then said Ok in that dialog to save the change, but when I went back in, either with or without restarting the application, it had reverted back to the earlier incorrect set association.

I managed to fix this by unselecting the set from sync, exiting the application and then re-selecting to sync it, and on initial creation it seemed to allow the correct association with the existing Flickr online set, and did start uploading photos into there instead of a new group.

However when rechecking the 'Properties' option it came up in the dialog pointed at that different incorrect set!

The more serious problem however which I believe caused the initial crash before this configuration oddity is that now when uploading photos in a set FlickrSync will reliably crash and reboot my PC when it gets to about 30-40 pictures into a 50-100 photo upload, and may still crash the PC if I try to do things in smaller batches.

I'm still checking and testing things, but otherwise the PC is very stable and Flickr's own Upload tool and other Internet bandwidth heavy applications don't seem to be causing any problems. One initial observation however which may be difficult for others to replicate is that this crashing may only happen when the PC is simultaneously streaming TV to a Xbox 360 as a Media Centre Extender, although on it's own the Extender has been tested and proved very stable.

I notice that we don't seem too far away from v8.5 release so I will keep doing my tests and look forward to seeing if there are any different results with that newer version. Is there a suitable older version of FlickrSync that I could try or should I wait until v8.5 for my testing?

I'll keep all updated on my progress, but wanted to post as a discussion in case any others had encountered this...although it's a pretty unique environment I guess.
Jan 25, 2009 at 10:30 AM
Hi all,

Just to update everyone here, Pedro came back to me direct via email very quickly and allowed me to try an early copy of v0.8.5 which he hopes to have out for general release in the next week or so. One of the fixes in that release is related to Windows XP with SP3, which my Media Centre is running SP3.

Under this new version I did have 1 initial full OS crash and reboot, but have since been unable to replicate that behaviour in testing with a further 250 photo uploads or updates. I still have the weird problem of the properties dialog not behaving properly for just some of my folder structure, however newer folders in a different areas seem fine (wondering if it's a path depth or something weirder - but as if I leave the folders alone they still sync it's not a high priority fix now I've been able to upload those photos)

See below for email update I sent Pedro if you really want more detail:

Hi Pedro,

Thought I’d give you a further update.

Since that first OS crash with v0.8.5 I’ve been unable to replicate a crash (ever since I turned on FlickrSync’s logging of course!) although I do still have the issue that just for a particular set of folders within

C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX.XXXX\My Documents\My Pictures\Friends\0812 - Egypt 2008\

The right-click Properties option of the second half of sub folders in that directory do not display or update properly and I’m wondering if this is/was contributing to the crash conditions while I was uploading these photos.

This incorrect behaviour is however contained to just those sub folders and any new folders created within that sub folder. Any new or existing folders outside of that 0812 – Egypt 2008 seem to behave properly.

I’ve now completed both uploading new, and updating existing uploads of approx 250 photos both within and outside of the ‘problem’ Egypt directory and soo far with no additional crashes.

I’m therefore attaching here the FlickrSync Log (no crash info), some rough email notes I made, and the last 3 windows crash dumps that were caused or happened while FlickSync was uploading stuff.

Many thanks for early sight of v0.8.5 and I’ll get back in touch if and when I have further problems. However if you want further info on the weird folder properties issue just let me know if you need further screenshots or additional descriptions.

Many thanks for a great app, and for doing all this free, I’ve sent you a donation as thanks for both the program and your support help.

Feb 3, 2009 at 8:59 PM
Just to let all know that after sending Pedro screenshots and config files he was able to very quickly fix my folder properties issue in v0.8.5.1 which he's just released.

Apart from first crash with 1st v0.8.5 sync everything has been stable so far since then so hopeful that v8.1 crashing has been solved for me.
Feb 5, 2009 at 2:13 PM
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