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Some questions

Jun 24, 2008 at 9:55 AM

Hi there great product, I'm using since laqst night to upload my entire collection to flickr. It is takeing quite a long time, but probabily it is due to my ISP restricting upload traffic (or flickr it self).

Here are my questions:

1) How fast is syncing on a 10,000+ images collection, once first upload is done? Is flickrsync keeping a small database with all uploaded files to fasten modified-check?

2) As it seems upload it's quite slow, what if a picture is simply moved from on folder to aqnother? Does flickr API allows a "MOVE_FILE" command to fasten such update?

3) What if a TAG is modified in Vista, while the picture is still the same? Does flickr API allows to update only the tags?

4) Is there any trick/hint to speed up uploads?

5) could you add a "PAUSE" button, near to the "CANCEL" button?

6) What happens if you cancel in the middle of a folder upload? Where does flickrsync starts from, on next sync?

Kudos for your very helpful program!


Jun 27, 2008 at 7:10 PM

1) No. FlickrSync does not keep currently any information about the images. Therefore syncing is slow. However, from my experience (I myself use it with about 10000 images) this is not very relevant for 2 reasons:

-          First, you can sync just some specific folders and that should be quite fast. Just select the folders you know that may have changes and right-click to select “View and Sync”

-          If you really want to make sure everything is synced you can just click “View and Sync All”, go away from the computer and about a few minutes later it will tell what’s pending to sync.  You don’t need to do this that often (I usually do it like once a month after having done a few syncs for specific folders)


2) Yes. The flickr API does support move. However, FlickrSync is not certain that it is the same file, although keeping the same name. Therefore we just upload it again. Performance has not been a priority since you can just leave the computer doing it. My Internet Service is also low on upload and therefore I leave it syncing major updates during the night. It takes quite some time but the next morning it’s done (One thing that is pending on the feature list is to make sure that if it does find an error, it should continue with all the rest of the synchronization and just report the error)


3) Yes. The flickr API allows you to update just tags.  The problem that I’m having is to know that locally only the tags were modified. Since the file date is different, I’m not sure what has been modified. I have two solutions in queue for this problem:

-          First: have an option on the folder Properties to say that you just want to synchronize tags on this specific folder and the image does not need to be uploaded again. This is very easy.

-          Second: find some kind of checksum that allows me to discover that the image itself was not modified. I’m not sure if this is possible with Jpeg.


4) Upgrade your Internet Service to a faster service J


5) I could. It’s not very critical. If you do cancel you do not losse all the uploads already done. Only the specific folder that was being synchronized is uploaded again. All the folders that were already finished do not need to be synchronized again. Therefore you can just synchronize again after canceling and it does a kind of incremental job.


6) See previous question.



Nov 26, 2008 at 3:46 PM
Currently working on a patch that will sync the images in the order that you modified them so even if you cancel or it crashes you don't have to sync files that were successfully uploaded.

If you just want to sync metadata you might try FlickrMetadataSynchr

Jan 31, 2009 at 12:17 PM
This patch is now integrated in the official release - version 0.8.5

Pedro Geada