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Not syncing/updating file changes


I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate with FlickrSync v0.8.5.2, and have a folder on a NAS (mapped as my P: drive) synced with FlickrSync. I've just performed a bulk change to a few hundred images to correct the "taken" dates (they are actually scans of slides/prints/negatives), but when I resynced using Flickrsync most of the files didn't replicate the updates to Flickr (although some did).

When I tried to resync the specific sub-folders which didn't update it just says "nothing to do". I used the Windows Explorer properties editor to change the file dates. The photos uploaded fine to Google+, where the "date taken" field correctly reflects my new dates,

How can I force all of these updates to upload to Flickr?


altauber wrote Jul 22, 2014 at 5:27 PM

The July 13 upgrade involved a new version of the FlickrNet library. While this restored using FlickrSync, it also resulted in matching using filters being broken. The cause is extensive changes to FlickrNet library. Please do not expect a quick turnaround on fixes. Supporting FlickrSync is volunteer activity that can only get attention after family and job commitments are looked after.

At this time it appears I am the only person that can spare time to work on FlickrSync. While I have many years of application support experience, supporting FlickrSync is the same as moving to a new country and learning the language and customs. I have no experience with the coding language and environment. Fixes are going to take time but I am committed to making them.